Inclusion Jam – January 25, 2018


Elixir hosts the Inclusion Jam!

Thursday, January 25, 2018
iO West Main Stage
Los Angeles, CA


We have our very own improv jam! Take the stage and raise your voice! Everyone is welcome, but we especially invite community members who are female, POC (person of color), LGBQTIA, differently-abled, over the age of 60, ESL learner, have an eligibility, or were born outside the US. Let’s party!

Elixir is an iO West House Expedition Team which plays every Saturday at 9pm in the Del Close Theater at iO West. Featuring: Shannan Scarselletta, Maddy Buxton, Alyssa Gill, Paul Heredia, Kelly Hernandez, Duck Kwon, Sergio Lopez, Lance Nealy, Marco Recio and Scott Shima